International Development, Expansion, Networking and Integrity in business.

The founder of IDDENI is sharing with polish SME’s own international experience in global business, gained during many years of working life in different countries.
Professional business support is provided to SME’s in order to find the right path for their business internationalization, focusing mostly on the Middle Eastern and African direction.
Workshops and trainings about cultural differences are additional value for polish small enterprises.

Polish SME – Small and Medium Enterprises on the international markets? It is obvious! Know- how, innovation, flexibility, easier and faster decision-making process, quicker adaptation to new market conditions.
But where to start from?
Well, business means relations, and first proper relation might be the one with IDDENI.

Middle East & Africa together are immense developing markets, which are hungry and ready to receive polish products and services, and IDDENI can help explore this quite exotic, for polish entrepreneurs, markets.
Support in the proper way to deal with different cultures as well as assistance in the client/distributor search process to reach the goal and get the international deal done – is IDDENI core value.

IDDENI founder’s biggest asset is Cultural Intelligence and life motto: “sharing is caring”, where this experience and knowledge is being shared with all interested.

 Jump in and figure it out later – IDDENI is here for you to guide you through.