Agnieszka Klimczak

Born in communistic Poland. Raised in young and wild polish capitalism. Educated in historical beauty of eternal city of Rome, professionally experienced in the oriental Middle East.
Back to home country – completely different place than the one left behind in year 2000 for new life experience – with an amazing package of knowledge and self-confidence – to support local business worldwide, in 2016 the IDDENI was born.
Over 15 years of International business experience led to so called: cultural intelligence, the one that can be gained only and exclusively by living in different places – is now being used to introduce selected polish brands to the International markets via relations and networking built over years of professional career.
Privately – achiever, risk taker, always positive with ‘sharing is caring’ life motto, always ready to help, never seeing problems only challenges. Filled with Energy, passion for life and sport – marathon runner.